Students Say…

My husband and I have been going to D.O.G. for about a year and a half. We originally found D.O.G. when looking for help with some aggression/possessive issues we were having with one of our dogs. They offered an in home session which worked perfect for us. Chris – who was the trainer we met with gave us some direction and guidance. His advice was awesome and definitely got us going in the right direction. We have now met most; if not all the trainers and they have all been awesome, knowledgeable and friendly. They will take the time to get to know you, your dog and your goals and do everything they can to help you achieve and even surpass those goals! We have taken most of the classes offered; obedience (beginners & intermediate), agility (beginners and intermediate), rally and a puppy class! We also love their playtime sessions – lots of doggy interaction but in a controlled environment, with responsible dog owners AND a D.O.G. trainer there to help with any and all concerns. They also make sure all the dogs play nicely! We have taken several different dogs with very different personalities – from Jordan who is shy and skittish to Dakota who is calm and more on the lazy side and then Saige and Bronson who are very high energy and high drive. No matter what the class or the dog we always leave with some new found knowledge! The best part is not only are we happy but our dogs are happy too! They LOVE going to training, play times and practices just as much as we do (if not MORE) and they LOVE seeing their favorite trainers! We would highly recommend D.O.G. for any of your doggy training needs! – Jess and Randy


Jess Rush


Gus finished up his puppy two class at D.O.G! Great environment & great staff. Not only did Gus learn new things but we did too! – Mckenzie


The team of trainers at D.O.G. are simply fantastic. The classes are plentiful and their prices are a bargain for the attentiveness to detail and the expertise that’s displayed at each and every level. When we first heard of D.O.G. my wife, myself and our 12 week old Great Dane just stopped by and spoke to the owner (Chris) who thoroughly impressed me. I recommend this team at D.O.G. and speak highly of them any chance I get. – Mike



 I have an 18 month female gsd who was somewhat timid and extremely dog reactive. Since taking private lessons with Chris, we (because he trained us both) have developed a bond that is just amazing. Chris has taught me how to be the leader, and now with his help, she has become a different dog. Less fearful in public, we go to bass pro now, and she is becoming less dog reactive. The staff at DOG are very personable and extremely helpful. Chris is an extremely knowledgeable trainer who truly understands dog’s, all shapes and sizes! It is amazing to learn from him how to read your dog’s actions and reactions, which in turn helps you teaching your dog. The results have been AMAZING! Thanks Chris and the DOG staff! – Joe





This from our  End of Class Evaluation.
Question:  Would you recommend our classes to others?
“Yes, I took a class at PetSmart. This was 100% better”



 Max and I have been taking this class for a while now and love it. Chris has helped Max so much and has helped me learn the confidence I needed to know how to help Max learn to be calm in all types of situations. I would highly recommend taking at least one if not more private classes even if you have a well behaved dog. Learning your dog’s strengths and weaknesses will help set you up for a lifetime of success. – Jennifer


 MAX and Jennifer



“I think you have the best instructors, too.  And when I told my friends at work what happened with Ezra over the weekend, and that you called me, they were blown away.  Not me, I’ve come to expect such great care from you and Jane!”



Me and my dogs have been taking class for about a year now from puppy classes, obedience to rally obedience and a couple of private classes for my “Diva” dog. They always go above and beyond to help with questions and training. They always respond quickly to emails and voicemail. The owner and staff there are very professional and caring   and take the time to know you and your dog no matter how may or few are in a class. You will also meet a lot of nice people and dogs there.  I will be going there for many years to come. – Juanita




“I was very impressed with this training facility and course (the) GREAT instructors and I appreciate all the things we’ve learned  I’m anxious to practice more with Riley and possibly look into signing up for additional courses. 

I will recommend this training to other dog owners – FOR SURE!”


“D.O.G. Dog Obedience Group is a GREAT place to train your dog. Thanks to all of you for the opportunity to learn and excel.”