Bryce - Media - Photographer & Videographer

I have been a part of the D.O.G. family for years.  From attending the Youth camps, to bringing my personal dogs through classes I have experienced a lot this company has to offer.  I have a huge passion for animals and meteorology. In fact, while storm chasing with the Kansas City Storm Chasers, I was able to save a litter of kittens that had just been affected by a tornado we were following.  I also enjoy photography and videography.  I was Thrilled when I was asked to join the D.O.G. team to continue doing what I love. I am thrilled to oversee everything media for D.O.G.  If you ever see a guy with a camera in his at our events or class that is most likely me. Make sure you say hello, and maybe I can snap a shot of your pup. Fun fact about me! I am the youngest employee this company has ever hired!