Obedience Training


 Obedience 1.0


Our Obedience 1.0 group class is a premier dog training curriculum for puppies and adults. Through this 5-week class we focus on doing away with pesky problems while increasing your ability to communicate with your dog clearly. (After all who doesn’t love a dog who listens well) During these five weeks you and your dog will gain foundational skills to start doing away with bolting out the door, coming when called, and much more.  Below you will find a list of items worked on and fine-tuned during your class. 

  • Sit, down, stay, come, place, and more.
  • Manners at doorways, and food bowls
  • Developing solid attention, even with small distractions
  • Problematic behaviors such as jumping, and barking (initially discussed in DOG 101)
  • Many dogs have already been taught a few of the above commands prior to the start of this class. If this is the case for you, our focus will be on helping you teach the dog to perform them even with a variety of distractions in the classroom!

    All classes include:

  • Live demonstrations
  • Detailed slides to take photos and or notes from
  • Personalized feedback from your certified trainer
  • Large area to work your dog
  • Graduation certificate
  • New friendships with other amazing dog lovers! 
  • All regular classes are five weeks long, (45 minutes a week) and cost $195. Please see below link for all class info and requirements.  

     Upcoming Regular Classes:

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     Advanced Obedience

    Advanced obedience builds on behaviors taught in Obedience 1.0. Here you will used skills learned to improve on the following:

  • Polite greetings in the home and on the town
  • Improved recalls / come cue.
  • Improved stays to include distance, duration, and distraction
  • How to put them all together
  • We know that you will love this class and the success it brings. Please note that if you are also looking for loose leash walking, we have a class specifically dedicated to that. scroll down to see those current classes. 

    This class is four weeks long, (45 minutes a week) and cost $185. Please see below link for all class info and requirements.  

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    Loose Leash Walking

    Does your dog walk you? If you answered YES then this clinic is for you.

    This four-week class is solely focused on this frustrating behavior. Join us as we focus on loose leash training, problem solving, and redirection techniques. How do you know if this clinic is right for you?  

  • Your dog pulls on leash.
  • You have taught an attention cue and can usually redirect dog with it.
  • Your dog can comfortably handle being around new people and dogs. (Not fearful)

    We also offer group and private training needs if you feel the class is not the right direction for your dog. Register quick as space is limited. Only five dogs per class, so you get plenty of 1 on 1 attention.

    This class is four-weeks and costs $195. This class includes our Loose Leash Walking Kit 

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