“Pay What You Want” Training Fundraiser

White Pitbull laying on purple FitPaws balance balls.

We are thrilled to offer our first ever “Pay what you want” training fundraiser. Here is how it works, and who it benefits.

We have a day dedicated to clinics and small private training sessions. (and a few additional activities if weather allows) These services do not have a price tag attached to them but will display the normal cost of the service. This should help you decide what you will pay / donate.  Payments will be taken the day of and only accepted in forms of check and cash. All clinics and private sessions do require a registration as space is limited. Donations can be tax deductible.

This fundraiser supports Missouri Pitbull Rescues training expenses (or whatever they may need to support their dogs). MPR is an incredible organization. They continually spend volunteer hours, money, and resources to ensure their dogs are adoptable, trained, and ready for their new home. There are many rescue organizations in our community, but we are continually impressed by MPR, their drive, organization, and aim to fully ensure the success of their dogs and breed.  It is our turn to give back and help support their cause.  Here is the best part, you get to decide what you want to pay.  Our team is donating their time so that 100% of the money donated will go directly to MPR. Please keep this in mind as you decide what you will donate the day of the event.


Clinics run one hour long and consist of smaller class sizes then normal. Normally clinics cost $35, so please keep this in mind when deciding what you would like to donate to Missouri Pitbull Rescue for the day!

  • Loose Leash 1.0:
  • No Events
  • Proper Greetings:
  • No Events
  • Combo (Agility & Confidence & Play):
  • No Events
  • Rally:
  • No Events

Private One On One Sessions

These sessions will be a bit shorter than a normal private training session, and last 45 minutes. They are great for fine tuning obedience, and or some basic behavior problems.  Please note that due to the type of event we are unable to offer sessions for reactive, and extremely fearful dogs. While we can help with these at normally scheduled private training, the environment for this event will not be conducive for successful work with these behaviors.

 A normal private training session in our facility costs $115. Due to a shorter than normal session this service would be charged at the rate of $95 a session.  Please keep this in mind as you decide what you can donate that day.  We look forward to your help in supporting a great organization.

  • Private Training Sessions:
  • No Events