Special Events



Group walks / meetups

Join us as we take our dogs out for a relaxing walk on some of our favorite trails.  No need to register, or even have attended a single class. These are simply chances to meet other dog lovers, and enjoy some time with your pup! Dates and locations below:



Helping Douglas and Having Fun

Sunday August 20th  From 2 – 4 PM

Here is what you need to know:
• Fun activities like adventure courses, dog baths, bobbing for hot dogs, and more!
• All activities are donation based, and going to a great cause.
• You decide what you want to donate to participate.
• Donations in form of cash or check
• Donate $20 (or more) get $20. We will give you a $20 gift card if you donate at least $20
• Fun for the whole family!

Now here is the story behind our fundraiser. We hope you can attend, have fun, and help!
Christyle, Kyle, and the famous Douglas have been friends and clients of ours for almost four years. They have been bringing Douglas here on a regular basis for almost that entire time. In fact, they have taken all our classes, (some 3-4 times) attended clinics, and even showed up as part of our demo team at Dogtoberfest several times. They are amazing dog owners, and have an incredible dog.
When Douglas was a puppy he was attacked in the dog park, and it resulted in his leg being shattered. He had two pins placed, and was in a cast for sometimes. His leg healed but the growth plate was damaged, and it left him with a crooked foot and leg. He has remained very active up until the last year or so. He has begun to limp, and formed sores/ cysts from not walking evenly on his foot. Though sometimes he tries to hide it, he now becomes very sore from short walks. (Douglas does not like to show it, as he has a love for life, and being active) This is sad to see for a dog who was once so active.
Here is what the orthopedic specialist at MU said:
surgery will be more complicated because his bone is twisted in two planes instead of one. The orthopedic specialist wants to do a CT scan which will run from 500-800 dollars to make a 3D model of his leg. The surgery will involve breaking and removing pats of his bone and placing a metal frame around the limb to guide the bone into healing correctly. The surgery itself will cost around $3,000 dollars.
These two-wonderful people, and Douglas need our help! Christyle is in school, Kyle is the sole income, and they are also planning a wedding! They deserve the help of a community. Attend our event, have fun, and donate what you can. Even if it is just $1, we greatly appreciate it. You can’t go wrong by having some fun, wearing out the dog, and helping out an amazing dog and his family!



Clinics and Camps


Loose leash walking 101

Do you have loose leash walking problems? Do you like smaller classes, and personalized attention? If you answered yes, then these clinics are for you.  Loose Leash 101 is focused on getting better control of your dog anytime they are on leash.  We limit the clinics to four people, and have two instructors there to help you succeed. Our goal is to ensure your dogs loose leash walking improves, and you have a solid understanding of how to continue working this at home.

This is a very interactive clinic lasting 60 -90 minutes. You will bring the dog with you to the clinic. Dates, times, and link to register below. The cost is $35 per dog

September 2nd at 9:30 AM, Click HERE to register.

September 2nd at 11:30 AM, Click HERE to register.



Loose leash walking 201

This clinic is perfect for those who have already completed one of our obedience classes, and looking to improve their walking in distracting environments. We will also focus on improving your ability to call the dog to your side. The clinic is limited to four dogs, and will have two instructors. This will give you the opportunity to receive a lot of one on one attention.

This clinic will be very interactive, and will last 60-90 minutes. Please bring your dog.  The cost is $35 per dog.

September 2nd at 1:30 PM, Click HERE to register.