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Private training through our D.O.G exclusive Leash Program is the perfect match for most dogs and their humans. This service provides a great option for those who find themselves dealing with behavior problems (aggression, anxiety, fear, etc.) or simply like a more personal approach. Below are key reasons or behaviors that can be addressed through this service.

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Aggression or reactivity towards dogs or humans
  • Need for flexible scheduling
  • Would like an in-home training option
  • Pesky behaviors such as counter surfing and or barking

    Leash Program

    Working through problem behaviors can often be a daunting task. No different than you and I, each one of our dogs has individual needs. Some of those are small and some of those seem larger than life. Our Leash program provides a personalized approach for each dog and client that comes through our door. Through this program we can break down training to achievable goals and celebrations. Through clear goal setting, tiered progress, and celebrations through the process you will quickly find yourself making headway with your dog.


    How does it work

    We start all clients off with an initial session lasting 60-90 minutes. During this session we learn more about your concerns, create an initial training plan, then begin the work. Near the end of the session, we will assess what the next step is. For most of our clients this will be our 90-day training program and start of the Leash Program. If your needs fall outside this our skilled trainers will discuss other personal options. Please contact us with additional questions or to set your appointment.


    Initial Appointments

  • In facility or virtual – $150
  • In Home – $185
  •  Homes exceeding 20 minutes from DOG facility – $205
  • We have several options for additional training sessions after your initial one. YOur trainer can beter personalize the best ongoing program for you. The most popular option is our 90-day training program listed below.

    90 – Day Training program

  • · Cost -$825
  • Includes
  • Personal training plan
  • One in person session a month. (In home is additional cost)
  • Two 30-minute virtual appointments a month
  • Two group virtual classes a month (variety of topics)
  • 10% off all product
  • Contact us now with questions or to setup your initial appointment