Puppy Training

Puppy Start Right Preschool


This D.O.G. exclusive training program puts a strong focus on socialization, desensitization, basic obedience cues, and problematic puppy behaviors. Lets break down the details.

How does it work


  • 10 days of training in our facility.
  • Monday – Fridays with drop off in the morning and pick up in the evening.
  • While here our trainers focus on training your pup and make sure they go home tired.
  • Receive training tools, and books as the program progresses
  • Daily review sheet of how your dogs day went!
  • Add on group classes or private training at a discounted a rate to maximize your pups training.

    What is taught


  • Puppy playtime
  • Puppy with adult dog playtime.  – Don’t worry we have personal dogs who are wonderful at teaching puppies how to play nicely
  • Puppy and human interaction. – Make new friends
  • Introduction to new and common sights and sounds – Helps reduce fear in the future.
  • Desensitization – Focus on ensuring your puppy has a positive experience and association with these items.
  • Obedience / Behavior
  • Attention – Helps a distracted puppy look at you when cued too.
  • Touch – Fun puppy game for the distracted pup.
  • Sit
  • Wait at door – nobody wants a pup who bolts out the door.
  • Crate training
  • Mouth behaviors
  • The fun does not stop there as this class includes our exclusive “Puppy Passport” program. This program encourages, gives tools, and perks for getting your dog out on the town with local businesses. We have partnered up with many businesses in the community to make this rewarding for you, reinforcing for the pup, and a lot of fun. This program runs several months after your initial class! The class also includes booklet called “The Puppy Survival Guide”.



  • Puppies between the ages of 10 – 15 weeks
  • Have received at least two rounds of booster vaccines and healthy.



  • Early puppy hood is a critical time for socialization and learning.
  • Perfect jumpstart to your puppies life with you.
  • Ensures you and your puppy are more then ready for full obedience classes
  • Everyone loves a tired puppy!

    How to Register and Cost Information:

    Give us a call and reserve your spot in the program today. Don’t procrastinate, this program has limited spacing.
    Program cost: $399
    Call Now to Register: 816-228-4567

    Click here to see class information and requirements.