About Us

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Our mission is to enhance the human-dog relationship by educating owners and
advocating dog-friendly training.  At the same time, we endorse continued education
and learning so we can provide instructors of the highest caliber.

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About D.O.G.

At D.O.G. we believe that reward-based training not only encourages the dog to learn, but also fosters a stronger bond between the dog and the owner.

Our staff is of the highest caliber; each team member is either currently certified through nationally recognized and respected organizations or are finishing requirements to become certified. We pride ourselves on continuing our professional education so we can provide you with the most up-to-date training techniques and problem-solving solutions.

Back in 1992 D.O.G.’s founders Jane and Al Boeck wanted to provide a positive training experience for dogs and owners alike. The current owner, Chris White, shares their vision and has carried on the tradition since 2014.


What makes D.O.G. different?

Our simple, yet fun training processes work for every client, dog, and behavior. We know and understand that no dog or person is exactly alike.  Our knowledge and approach allows us to work with each unique training need of every dog. Not only that, we are a family friendly training environment. This means that we encourage everyone in the house to be a part of the training classes.


What is reward-based training?

Reward-based dog training just means that the dog is rewarded for doing something the owner has asked of them, usually with a treat or a favorite toy.  Rewards make the dog more likely to repeat the desired behavior and are one of the most powerful training tools.  As the dog begins to learn what is expected, the treats are phased out and replaced with praise.