Dog Trainer Course

At D.O.G we know that the desire to work with dogs is not a simple desire for a job but a passion to chase. Due to this we often receive requests for employment. We heard those requests and created a foundational training program for those wanting to get into dog training industry, or simply wanting a taste before taking the leap. Though this training program does not guarantee employment with D.O.G. upon completion it does put you at the top of the list when we are hiring. (hint: our company is growing quickly)
Below you will find a little more about our culture and the program. Read on to find out if you are our next rising star!

How it Works:


  • Apply: Applying for the program is the first step. You will go through a typical interview process where both parties are able to jointly review and ensure this program is a perfect fit. After all your success is of our highest priority.
  • Nine-month program: Once accepted to the program you will start the nine-month training course.
  • Learn through a combination of experienced certified trainers, hands on work at a busy dog training facility, books, videos, and more.
  • We are limited to how many trainees we can support at one time. This is to ensure the success of each student. Due to this, there may be a delay in your start time if accepted to the program.

    What’s in it for You:


  • Focus on your professional development and work towards being able to gain employment in the industry.
  • Prepare to test for certification through the Certification Counsel for Professional Dog trainers. (CCPDT)
  • While this program does not guarantee employment with D.O.G, it does put you at the top of our list.
  • Dog training: Focus on developing skills and knowledge to teach basic obedience cues.
  • Business and program management: We will dive into the day to day and what it takes to keep the business, and each of its programs successful.
  • Behavior: Behavior is different then basic obedience. Learn and develop skills to help with behavior problems, as well as better understand issues such as aggression.
  • Public speaking: Develop public speaking skills as we help you learn to project, maintain attention, deliver instructional skills in a way that people will remember.
  • Event planning: successful event planning is a major part of this career. We will focus on developing and putting together a successful event.
  • Youth program 16 and up: This program entails all the same education but has different availability expectations and can be extended out to 12 months.
  • Adult 18 and up: You are never too young or old to chase a passion!
  • Increases likelihood of being hired at our facility and other facilities: This program includes an end of course interview to hone your skills and increase your success while interviewing for a dog training position.
  • Tracking of training hours so that they may be used towards future testing requirements with the CCPDT.  We will help you track those and get well on your way to meeting the testing requirements!
  • Hopefully you are starting to find that this is just what you have been looking for. If this is true read on about basic requirements and our culture.  If this solidifies your thoughts, then click apply at the bottom of the page!



  • 16 years and up: Minimum of one day a week of availability.
  • 18 years and up: Minimum of two day a week availability
  • Physically able to handle dogs of all sizes on leash
  • Ability to stand for a minimum of two consecutive hours



  • This in depth training program is $200 a month.
  • Can be paid quarterly or monthly.
  • Includes
  • All training material to include books, DVD, and more
  • All required training tools to include treats, treat pouches, clickers, leashes, etc.
  • 1 on 1 training with certified and experienced professionals.
  • Extensive hands on training/learning in an active dog training facility.
  • An invaluable opportunity to chase a dream!



  • Always learning: Our focus of continued education and stance on always learning allows us to stay humble and always open to new knowledge and development in our industry.
  • Eager educators: Each trainer is an eager educator and are enthusiastic to share what we have learned. Each trainer is eager to share knowledge in order to improve clients’ relationship with their dog and educate other trainers so that we all may be the best resources for our clients. In fact, we schedule trainers to lead training topics with the entire team throughout the year.
  • Empathetic: Each trainer and client come from a different background with different experiences. Each has unique strengths as a trainer as well as things about which we want to build our knowledge. We recognize that clients have unique strengths as well as unique stresses with their dog. As each enter our facility, we focus on being empathetic to clients’ needs and feelings while dealing with their unique challenges with their dog.
  • Responsible: Each trainer is responsible. They take actions resulting in successes and adjust for a mistake. This may even include making changes to a training plan based on prior misinterpretation of client’s needs and explaining to the clients the need for the change.
  • Energetic: Clients and dogs never allow us to be lax in our handling of dogs. We have a fun, fast paced work environment that allows us to be successful and have fun whatever your training level at D.O.G.
  • Adapt: We realize that dogs and people will bring unexpected changes to classes and training. Our team encourages and develops the keen ability to quickly adapt to change. We celebrate the opportunities to turn those moments into learning opportunities resulting in a better client experience.
  • Communication: Clear, consistent, and detailed communication leads us and each of our clients to success with their training plans.
  • Patient: Working with the public and dogs can be the best thing that has ever happened to you or one of the most challenging. Tying in all the above qualities collectively contribute to our culture of patience. Patience allows us to accomplish our mission and fulfill and develop these qualities to their fullest potential.
  • If this sounds like something you want to be a part of then apply below!