Behavior Short Sessions

Below are the dates and times for our behavior short sessions. These sessions focus on the specific behavior you and your dog are working on. Please note that unless instructed otherwise these appointments are only for clients currently working with our private training team. You must be referred to this program to register and attend.

How it works:


  • Pick a time and date below. You will be redirected to a registration.
  • Once you submit the registration pay the $25 service fee.
  • Arrive at the appt about five minutes early. Be sure to bring leash and treats.
  • Park in front of facility with a minimum of five spaces away from other vehicles.
  • You may park further away and pull up at appt time.
  • Remain in car until trainer comes to you.
  • Appointments run until dog has finished working or we have reached 20 minutes.  When working behavior, the key to success is keeping it short and sweet.


    Reactivity Orientation:

    No Events


    Reactivity Clinics:

    No Events


    Fun Run

    No Events