Day Training Special

Chris White - D.O.G. Obedience Group Owner - Slider image 1

This special is for you, our amazing current and past day training clients. We have three days of discounts, some which we have never offered. Jump on these specials so we can work your dog while you work on getting ready for the holidays.

What does it entail

  • 20 days of training with a certified trainer
  • Personalized training plan. We can build on behaviors previously taught or teach something new.  (Obedience, agility, tricks, combo)
  • One transfer session at the end of the program
  • Treat package is included in the pricing. (We provide all the training treats)
  • Four tune up days
  • 10% off all product purchases during this time.
  • Here is how it works
  • Each day is limited to how many spots can be sold at that price. The discount is only good for that day and as long as spots are still available.
  • Register and pay for your spot. We will call you the following business day to set your start date. (Monday through Friday)
  • Registration will open up for each special at 12:00 AM the day shown.

    Day 1 – $150 off normal day training price. Two spots available. Total cost $1280.00. -Opens 12/6 
    No Events Day 2 – $125 off normal day training price and treat package. Three spots available. Total cost $1305.00. – Opens 12/7
    No Events Day 3 – $100 off normal day training price and treat package. Five spots available. Total cost $1330.00. – Opens 12/8
    No Events