Puppy Passport

Puppy Passport Banner

The Puppy Passport Program is a D.O.G. exclusive program included with your Puppy Start Right class. We know that our three-week class provides the knowledge for each of our clients to raise a great pup, but we also know that it alone will not prepare a pup for a successful life with their family.

The Passport program is setup to help encourage and provide opportunities for each of our clients and their dogs to work on socialization and the desensitization of their pup while in class, through the week, and weeks after it ends. We have teamed up with many local businesses in the community to provide great places to visit with your pup. Many of the businesses only open their doors up for dogs who are in this program.  Not only do they open their doors up for you, many also offer exclusive discounts to Puppy Passport participants if you choose to shop or dine while there. Below is a breakdown of what the program includes:

  • Exclusive to those in Puppy Start Right class
  • Benefits continue until dog is sixteen weeks of age.
  • Puppy Passport book. This simple book gives simple reminders and education on socialization, as well as the ability to track where you have visited.
  • List of Puppy Passport participating businesses, and any given discounts they may offer.
  • Additional awards for those who complete our puppy passport challenges. (gift cards, toys, treats, etc)

    We look forward to having you be part of this exclusive program. It is truly the perfect program to set the tone for a successful, fun, and lasting life with your amazing pup.