Train by the Day

We like to think of our train by the day program as a functional alternative to doggy day care. While dogs still have the opportunity to be around each other they will focus on obedience training and enrichment.  You get to pick the focus for your dog each day while we provide the training and mix in a little extra fun for them as well.  Each day you will receive a report card of how the day went and any additional notes you may need. Clients love the mental work as well as the physical work their dog receives each day. A tired dog is a good dog. Keep it functional and fun for your dog, gives us a try. Let’s break down all the need to knows below.


To Begin

We start with an evaluation day. This is a day that allows us to make sure your dog is comfortable working with us in our facility. Some dogs become a little nervous their first few times without their parents. Our goal is to make sure this is a fun and successful service for you and your dog.

  • Evaluations cost: $25
  • For best results dogs should have been in and taken part in another DOG service in the past year.
  • Those who are currently in our day training program, puppy program, and or recently completed train by the day are not required to eval.
  • Evaluations setup via phone call: 816-228-4567
  • Train by the day after evaluation

    Below are details on the program once a dog has been cleared to attend.

  • Program cost:
  • Single day: $45
  • Package of 5: $200
  • Package of 10: $370
  • Each package includes the dogs training treats while they are here.
  • Drop off: 7:30 AM -8:30 AM
  • Pick up: 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM
  • Days are scheduled in person or via the phone.