Beat the Heat with Cool Summer Fun

  Summer, the season of outdoor activities.  I personally camp, bike, ride horses, and BBQ. A lot you are doing the same and more.  Many of us, as dog parents enjoy our dogs joining us in summer adventures. Heat is our greatest demon as we decide what activities where it is safe, as well as fun, for our dogs to join us or is…

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Doorway Courtesy Matters

When I think about dogs and doorways, it reminds me of a song called “The Distance” that I used to listen to as a teenager.  The first verse goes like this. Reluctantly crouched at the starting line Engines pumping and thumping in time The green light flashes and the flags go up Churning and burning they yearn for a cup They deftly maneuver and…

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Have you heard about our newest class?

Confidence and Play

Obedience training is always a great thing for not only the dog, but also the owner. It opens lines of communication, and allows for an even stronger bond to develop between the two. The reality is that many of us become board with obedience, and honestly so do many of our dogs. Sit down, and stay can only be practiced so many times before…

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Have you considered 1 on 1 training?

Behavior Classes or Private Classes

Private training is a very common option when it comes to dog training.  This is such a valuable option for dog training, and for many training companies the only option they offer. As valuable as it is, I also feel it is one of the most overlooked and underused options by dog owners. Most people I speak with often gravitate to group training options…

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