Beat the Heat with Cool Summer Fun


Summer, the season of outdoor activities.  I personally camp, bike, ride horses, and BBQ. A lot you are doing the same and more.  Many of us, as dog parents enjoy our dogs joining us in summer adventures. Heat is our greatest demon as we decide what activities where it is safe, as well as fun, for our dogs to join us or is it better for them if they stay home. To help you in deciding what activities are summer fun for your dog, I found some of the greatest ideas the internet world had.  Read on for fun tips and tricks helping your dog beat the summer heat and still remain active.

Kiddie Pool (or a full size one)

Filling a plastic kid pool is a great option for most backyards. We have done this year after year. Even with our pond, we prefer the cleaner water of the pool for the dogs they don’t always agree). If you decide that the kiddie pool is a great activity for your dog, remember to monitor the water temperature and condition. We generally change ours out after a day in the sun. Our Shepherds loved the great addition of ice cubes that my creative wife added last year.  All breeds may not enjoy this, but for them it was a game changer.

Full size pools are great but come with a risk. You always risk the dog getting stuck. Before allowing free access around the pool, I recommend taking time teaching the dog how to exit the pool. You may also consider talking to your vet and making sure your dog is cleared to handle the chlorine. Always monitor your dog when in the pool to ensure safety.


What a simple and amazing idea. All you need is chicken broth and an ice cube tray.  If you are feeling creative, you could freeze a treat sticking out of it. Add some variety by freezing yogurt, or peanut butter with a little water.  I love this simple idea and already making plans to make a variety of pupsicles.

Freeze it all

When we say freeze it all we mean freeze it all. Fill a Kong and freeze it. Wet down a plush toy and freeze it. If it is a plush toy, they will slowly get a bit of water as it thaws. This is as about as simple as it gets. I honestly have nothing else I could add to this idea.

Use an elevated cot

Elevated cots help avoid hot spots while laying down. The air can circulate under and all around our dogs to help regulate their temperatures and keep them cooler. When choosing the right cot, would recommend a mesh center for better cooling, as well as being machine washable.  Our favorite brand and one we sell here at D.O.G. is K&H cots. Stop in and pick one up today. Mention this blog post and get 10% off your cot!

Cooled dog bed

After years in the dog industry, I came across a new idea in my research. For breeds who tend to be a bit warm bodied you can freeze a few water bottles and stick them in their dog bed.  You may even wrap the bottles in a towel to help them last longer while helping the dog stay cool.  Although I typically use dog cots, we may try this in our facility.  It sounds simple and effective.  I’ll update you on this in a later blog

Let us know if you try any of these ideas or if you have any different ones to share for ways to help your dog stay cool through the summer heat. These were some of my favorites, some which I have tried and other which I hope to try.  Ultimately, the goal is to have fun with your dogs to help them “live their best life”. If you need some summer fun in an air conditioned facility,  check out our amazing classes.   I am now signing off to make some Pupsicles!