Have you considered 1 on 1 training?

Behavior Classes or Private Classes

Private training is a very common option when it comes to dog training.  This is such a valuable option for dog training, and for many training companies the only option they offer. As valuable as it is, I also feel it is one of the most overlooked and underused options by dog owners.

Most people I speak with often gravitate to group training options for their training needs, with the idea that private training is just for aggressive dogs.  While private training is a perfect option for the aggressive or reactive dog, it is and can be used for so much more.   Private training is so versatile as it can be useful for all the following:

  • Those with time constraints
  • It can be done in a facility, home, park, etc..
  • Covering common behavior problems like house soiling, barking, and jumping.
  • The client and dog who need a custom training plan created for them and their needs
  • The client in a group class who just needs a little extra help on a command.
  • Those who simply enjoy the undivided attention of the trainer.

    I cannot tell you how many clients have enjoyed the ability to take a group class, and get a little extra help with loose leash walking through private training.  Their confidence grows, and so does their success with the dog. The success that comes from any training style can last a lifetime.  Never underestimate the value, and variety of things that can be handled through private training. The investment into the training and relationship with your dog is priceless. – Chris White

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