Have you heard about our newest class?

Confidence and Play

Obedience training is always a great thing for not only the dog, but also the owner. It opens lines of communication, and allows for an even stronger bond to develop between the two. The reality is that many of us become board with obedience, and honestly so do many of our dogs. Sit down, and stay can only be practiced so many times before you are just burned out. You want to stay active with your pup, but this just isn’t cutting it. We have all been there.

This is why we continue to create and add new classes to our curriculum. We are particularly excited about our newest class, that started in January of 2018. Confidence and Play has quickly become a popular class, and client favorite. What makes this class so amazing is that it almost any dog can attend this class, and have success with it. Your dog does not have to have amazing obedience, or have taken a class in the past. (though we highly recommend at least one obedience class first) The only major thing that could keep a dog out of the class is if they are working through reactivity towards people and dogs.

The focus of our newest class Confidence and Play is to develop or enhance a dog’s confidence in themselves, as well as their ability to problem solve and overcome new situations in life. Training turns into fun and games as they work new obstacles, and engage in cognitive games every week. We have already seen many dogs overcome minor fear or confidence issues, while watching others enjoy these new activities with their owners. This class is not just aimed at being entertaining for the dog. Owners have a blast as they discover the amazing things their dogs are capable of, while also learning fun, interactive activities they can do with their dog right at home.

You will not want to miss out on this new addition to our curriculum. – Chris White

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